Membership Benefits

Membership Bebefits

REEA is a non-profit organisation. We exist to serve you.

The bigger and stronger our membership base the better we can do this.

Your $440 (+$40.00 GST) annual membership fee goes toward funding our involvement in industrial disputes, REEA representation in industrial tribunals, members' free access to enableHR people management service; and full-time day to day availability for members by phone, email or in person.

Free telephone advice

  • On industrial relations issues, including interpretation of awards and industrial legislation
  • Staff engagement and dismissal procedures
  • And any employment issues or questions you have.

Free regular updates

  • On industrial matters including changes to awards and legislation.

Free access

  • To industrial awards – the Real Estate Industry Award and the Clerks - Private Sector Award
  • Wage rates and National Employment Standards

Contact us for more information or complete a membership application now.